energy saver - voltage optimisation

Affordable way to reduce your power bill

How it is works:
The nominal voltage of electricity supplied in Australia is supposed to be at 230V, however the acceptable range is between 217V to 253V. In a number of places, the voltage is significantly higher reaching 270V even.

Devices and in particular lights are usually designed to work within the voltage range of 220 - 240V. Voltage that is higher results in lower lifespan of electrical devices and increased power bills. More details

ES- reduce voltage to the optimum, and make all your lights and devices work within designed voltage.

ES available for domestic and commercial installations, 1 and 3 phase

ES~25 Load Applicability

S.No. Load Type Estimates
1. Lighting Loads 15 - 25%
2. Refrigerators, Freezers and Compressors 10 - 15%
3. Kitchen Appliances 8 - 12%
4. Split Air Conditioners and Ventilators 8 - 14%
5. Electronic and Computer Appliances 3 - 8%