Hybrid solar Ballarat

The hybrid solar energy system is a grid solar system with battery. The system is capable charge battery from solar instead of sending power to the grid. The system can provide some amount of back-up power

Hybrid solar system near Ballarat

This is a hybrid solar and battery system installed with 10kW of solar panels, 6kW Ingetam Hybrid solar inverter and 6.4kWh BYD HV Lithium solar battery. Export control for this solar installation 2.8kW
State data for battery installations with solar energy systems 

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Hybrid solar system types and prices Ballarat

Here in Ballarat, we offer installations of solar battery systems from LG chem, Tesla Powerwall battery, Pylontech with Ingeteam 


Hybrid solar energy system with Ingeteam solar inverter. 8kW solar panels with 9kWh battery. This system can be used as an off-grid or ups.

$18K after VIC rebate

6.6kW Solar system with  battery:  Solis hybrid solar inverter and LG Chem solar battery bank. This solar energy system only for grid-connected houses, the system is not suitable for off-grid or ups application. 

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Solar battery

Tesla Powerwall 13.5kWh battery bank, this battery bank can be integrated into existing solar panels system.

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