Hybrid solar Ballarat -Saolar and Bettery systems

The hybrid solar energy system is a grid solar system with battery. The system is capable charge battery from solar instead of sending power to the grid. The system can provide some amount of back-up power

Hybrid solar system near Ballarat

o This is a hybrid solar and battery system installed with 10kW of solar panels, a 6kW Ingetam Hybrid solar inverter and a 6.4kWh BYD HV Lithium solar battery. Export control for this solar installation is 2.8kW
State data for battery installations with solar energy systems 

• Hybrid solar system types and prices Ballarat

o Here in Ballarat, we offer installations of solar battery systems from LG chem, Tesla Powerwall battery and Pylontech with Ingeteam.

$18K after VIC rebate

Off-grid ready

o This is a hybrid solar energy system with Ingeteam solar inverter. It has 8kW of solar panels with a 9kWh battery. This system can be used as an off-grid or ups.

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6.6kW Solar system with battery

o This is a solis hybrid solar inverter and LG Chem solar battery bank. This solar energy system is only for grid-connected houses. The system is not suitable for off-grid or ups application.

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Tesla Powerwall

o This is a Tesla Powerwall 13.5kWh battery bank. This battery bank can be integrated into an existing solar panels system.

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