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High standard off-grid solar energy services for Ballarat

RE-ENERGY is a modern and innovative off-grid solar company with high standards in solar services located in BALLARAT, VICTORIA.
The use of solar energy ensures less drastic effects on climate change and reduces the cost of living. Solar panels are a long-term investment for positive long-term benefits. With a solar energy system, you will experience no power outages, no monthly bills and no frequent and unpleasant electricity price jumps.
We will guide you in choosing the system best suited to your needs, whether it is an on-grid or stand-alone solar energy system. 

Solar installation services in Ballarat

 We provide installation and design of
- Off-Grid solar systems
- Grid-connected with battery backup
-Hybrid solar
- Simple Grid connect solar system
- Micro-Grid solutions
In commercial and domestic sizes in Ballarat and surrounding areas

Solar panel provider Ballarat - 10 Years in business

o RE-ENERGY has been installing solar in the Ballarat area for 10 years. Our first 1kW solar energy system was installed in Creswick, Hepburn Shire Victoria. The system has 6 solar panels of 170W each and a 1.5kW sharp inverter and is still performing strongly.

Commercial solar Ballarat

Commercial solar energy projects Ballarat

With our wide range of solar power output options, commercial users can easily decide on the dimensions needed for their scheme.

Photo - Federation University 100kW solar energy system 


Solar Ballarat - Grid or Off-grid solar system Ballarat

Ballart is a good place to live with off-grid solar

Although many think that Ballarat doesn’t have enough sunlight, Ballarat is a good place to live off-grid. Solar energy does not need sun, it needs radiation. Off-grid solar can easily supply your house with enough energy in Ballarat, you may just need a few more solar panels on your roof compared to some other parts of Australia.

Off-grid solar systems - growing demand

As a result of the pandemic, we can expect to see more people moving from Melbourne city to the Ballarat region. According to ABC news, regional properties are in higher demand. This trend can lead to a higher demand for off-grid solar system installation. In the Ballarat region, grid penetration is very weak and expensive and off-grid energy has become a very valuable alternative.

Off-grid solar system can be installed on a grid-connected house

 Off-grid solar can be installed on a grid-connected house and provide great independence from grid power. We installed many off-grid solar systems around Ballarat on houses that were connected to the grid. Like the off-grid system in Kingston, these houses are using a grid as back up.

Reliability and security of off-grid solar energy system

The main focus of our company is to provide a secure and reliable renewable energy source. Our high-quality components like inverters, panels and batteries easily meet all the requirements of the Australian industry standards and are approved by the Clean Energy Council (CEC). Once you choose our services, you will enjoy the long-term benefits of low maintenance and low upkeep cost.
Additionally, you can easily expand your system by adding extra panels or batteries
The prices of our off-grid solar system packages start from a nominal $16k and go up to $46k for a large solar panel system. 

Off-grid solar system - the only energy that is yours

The existing grid network is unable to cope with exported solar energy. Because of this, Ballarat solar systems are facing the same problem as South Australia. Your solar energy system has to be disconnected from the grid in times of high power production, or else owners of the solar systems have to pay for export.
o It really is the time to install off-grid solar systems. More info here More info here

Off-grid solar systems for bush fire affected regions 

Australian billionaire spending millions on off-grid solar supply to bushfire affected arias in Australia. To provide fast energy supply as power lines very complex and time-consuming. More here

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