Off grid solar system packages and prices 

Each off-grid solar system we preassemble and test in our workshop in Ballarat.
We connect the system to solar panels and generator to ensure the system is ready for installation. 

best off grid inverter

Our best off grid inverter

It is very simple for as to say that currently, Ingeteam off-grid inverter is the best on market based on characteristics: 1. Solar panels input which is making installation cheaper and faster. Inverter software and management system are easy to use and set up. A lot of power as it got 15kW battery charger. 10 years warranty form global company from Europe. Compare pictures: installation of two very similar off-grid systems. technical support provided by 100UP Off-Grid solar Australia


6 kW off-grid power: Example of what you can run with 6kW power simultaneously

off grid solar

Off-grid solar energy system capability  

2kW Solar charger - Solar Battery bank can be charged in one hour, insure no solar energy wasted.
Peak AC Power supply 7.9kW
Continues Power AC 6kW at ambient temperature 40°C
Ingeteam off-grid inverter provide life monitoring data and e-mail alerts 

Off-grid solar energy  Timboon Victoria

This off-grid solar energy system installed in Timboon Victoria
Consist of 10kW of Trina solar panels, Ingeteam inverter and 12kWh battery bank. Installed by Radiant Energy Systems - off-grid energy specialists in Geelong 

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