Off grid solar systems Ballarat Victoria

Off-grid solar system installation is not an easy task. Many connections and cable terminations require significant time on installation. We come across Ingeteam off grid inverter as a best solution for our systems installations. It allows reducing our systems prices and having better control of system performance. Download our off-grid / hybrid solar brochure

Going off-grid

This off-grid solar energy system installed in the Ballarat region
-12kW solar panels -36 of 330W Jinko solar panels
-12kWh Lithium Solar Battery and Ingeteam off-grid solar inverter.
Inverter supplied by 100UP Off Grid Solar Australia

Off grid/Hybrid solar inverter

-100% Designed for off-grid solar energy systems. 11.5 kW AC input for generator with a two-wire star. Inverter control generator starts up. inverter installations help here 

-Grid connect solar with backup
The inverter is capable to use the grid as back up and export access power to the grid. The export control function is available.
-UPS Uninterrupted power supply function is available.

Monitoring portal

24/7 monitoring of your off-grid solar energy system from your computer or mobile phone

Online update and alert

Solar inverter software regular updates. Any alerts will be sent to the nominated email

Remote access to settings

The inverter can be remotely managed by Ingeteam engineers

best solar LFP lithium battery

Pylontech one of the best performing solar batteries 

Australian lithium Ion Battery test centre published battery test report. Where Sony and Pylontech one of the best batteries on the market

Lithium battery for off-grid solar system

Lithium energy storage is a very flexible and long-lasting solution. The battery bank can be easily extended at any time.

Good choice of solar panels for your off-grid solar system, popular and premium brands available here in Ballarat.

-LG solar panels
-REC solar panels
-SUNPOWER solar panels
-JINKO solar panels
-TRINA solar panels

Off grid solar system installed in Hepburn near Ballarat

This off-grid solar energy system was built with 10kW of solar panels, 6kW Ingetam Off-grid inverter and 12kWh Pylontech Lithium solar battery. This is in our opinion the best off-grid solar system we ever installed. Solar System is big enough and hopefully will not require a generator. Cost of this system $23k after CTC rebate.The system installed with the help of 100UP OFF-GRID SOLAR

What important for off grid solar energy system

Generation power - Solar panels

Use all the roof you have – the more solar panels the less fuel for generator and battery bank can be smaller.
Solar panels are not an expensive part of the off-grid solar energy system 

Charging power - Battery charger

Fast solar charging means your battery bank full any day. Winter days are a short and small glimpse of the sun should be cashed and charged to your battery.  

Flexible energy storage 

Good to have a large solar battery bank but it can double the cost of your off-grid solar system. And half of that battery bank can be doing nothing most of the time. The lithium battery bank can be extended any time if needed  

Peak power demand

Peak power - spending money on an event that may never happen! Peak power can happen if all your electrical appliances turned on at the same time. Off-grid system very often builds based on peck power demand witch make off-grid solar more expensive

Small off-grid solar system with generator Beaufort Victoria

Old shed with modern off-grid solar technology
This is 3.kW off-grid solar energy system build with 12 X300wt solar panels, 6kW Ingetam Off-grid inverter and 6.4kWh BYD HV Lithium solar battery and 7kVa honda generator with auto start. System designed by 100UP Off grid solar Australia

Off-grid solar with generator

A generator is an important part of the off-grid solar system, Thre are many families leaving with an off-grid system installed without generators - this type of system instaled with a heavily oversized solar array and large battery banks.

WA now allow replacing grid power lines with off-grid solar to service remote communities, read here. This first step to recognising that solar energy is cheaper than grid power. We believe Ballarat communities should be allowed to chose solar power or grid power when they buy a new lend.

Expandable off-grid solar system

Modern off-grid solar systems are easy to upgrade. Particularly lithium battery banks can be extended with parallel battery banks or added it series in high voltage battery banks.An Inverter can be expended by editing one more inverter. Solar panels can be matched by using solar power optimisers.