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Premium off grid solar energy systems

Off grid inverter- compact, powerful


Large or small PV array. From 3 to 15kWt of solar panels


Small to large solar battery bank.


Automatic star up for generator
Build in wifi for monitoring
Monitoring portal and mobile app to control your energy system 


10 Years warranty
Made in Spain

Solar Panels and Batteries options


PowerPlus Energy

The self managed LFP battery with internal BMS
10 year warranty
Made in Melbourne



BYD 6.4kW 250V battery bank, up to 5 units can be installed
10 years warranty
Made in China


LG solar panels

25 years product warranty
25 years performance warranty
Made in Korea  

What important for off grid solar energy system

Generation power 

 Maximum possible number of solar panels on the roof to generate enough power on any day. Panels are not expensive and it will save you on generator fuel and crevice. 
Ingecon inverter can be installed with up to 15kW of solar panels

Charging power 

Effective powerful fast charging to make your solar battery full by the evening , save on energy storage. 
Ingecon inverter is powerful -up to 11.5kW solar Battery charger

Less important
Size of energy storage

 Good to have large energy bank but half of it can be doing nothing most of the time. Average house can start with 10-15kWh storage and upgrade it later if necessary  

Less Important
Pick power demand

Not worse spending money on event that may neve happened! Pick power can appear only if all your electrical appliances turned on in the same time. Easy to avoid if use latest energy efficient water pumps and appliances 


Hybrid  solar energy


Off grid solar energy system


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