Solar energy repair and upgrade Ballarat

First call out $150+gst, travel charge applies if property is over 25km from Ballarat
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• We repair and upgrade any solar energy systems, grid connected or off-grid

o Solar energy systems usually have two common problems: roof isolators filled with water or inverter failure. In both cases, repair is not possible. Inverter or isolators have to be replaced. A less common problem is solar panel failure. This is usually difficult or impossible to repair, and most of the time are not worth repairing. Panels commonly get replaced or just bypassed. In general, it is easy to fix a solar power system after a correct diagnosis
o A common problem for an off-grid solar system is old batteries. Commonly people think that they need a new system or more panels or mistakenly think there is some other reason why they run out of power. Again, repair is not possible, and the batteries have to be replaced. Lithium batteries can very often be repaired at the service centre.

Solar repair information

Can solar panels be repaired?

 The answer is no; the failed panel can only be replaced.
 Replacing a solar panel can take several days as we need to find the right panel to suit your system. The cost of one solar panel replacement is usually around $200 to $400 + the cost of the panel. 

How much does it cost to replace a solar inverter?

To replace a solar panel in the system can take several days as we need to find the right panel for replacement. Cost of one solar panel replacement usually around $200 to $400 + cost of the panel

Off-grid solar system repair

 Off-grid solar repair is usually more expensive than grid solar because very often it includes the cost of travel.

Can solar inverters be repaired?

 It is possible to repair a solar inverter, but most of the time it is not worth doing. The old inverter should be replaced only.

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