Grid connected solar systems, Ballarat

Traditional grid connected solar systems consist of solar panels connected to a grid-tied inverter. These systems can only produce power if grid energy is available. The system will shut down if grid power supplies are down.

Solar panels installed in 2011

o This is a 3kW grid connect solar system that was installed in Ballarat in 2011.
o It is in very good condition and the owners still benefit from a 60c feed-in tariff. 

The 6.6 kW solar energy system is a popular size in Ballarat

o This 6.6 kW solar energy system is the most popular size because it supports the utilities required by many people. The power export limit to the grid is usually 5kW which is related to the size of solar inverter. A 5kW inverter can have a 33% oversized solar panels array which result in 5kW*1.33=6.65kW. The most conventional solar panels size is 330W, and 20 solar panels exactly make 6.6kW.

Solar panels available in Ballarat

RE-ENERGY provide a wide range of solar panels choice. Our popular brands are LG solar panels, REC solar panels and Trina solar panels 

Solar inverters available in Ballarat

o Several grid-connected solar inverters are available to install. Popular choices are the Fronius, Solis and ABB solar inverters. All inverters are available in one or three-phase models.

Popular grid connected solar energy systems, Ballarat

o 6.6kW of solar panels is the most common solar energy system size installed in Ballarat, Victoria. Usually it is installed with a 5kW grid-tied inverter and 20 solar panels of 330Watt each.
o Attached solar Ballarat brochure with prices for 6.6kw solar panels system and 8kW off-grid ready and battery ready system
o 6.6 kw solar system Ballarat 

Information about Solar Power in Ballarat

Solar systems installation statistics in Ballarat

Ballarat including postcodes: 3350,3351,3352,3353,3354,3355,3356,3357.
A total number of the solar system installed from January 2019 to February 2020 is 1,402 installations with total capacity 10,547kW. Which makes average installed system size is 7.5kW. Data from clean energy regulator

Good place for solar power

o Australia is one of the best places for the solar energy business, according to Solar Quotes Blog. Compared to the USA we have better incentives which cover upfront costs for buyers and higher electricity prices than the USA. In the USA, customers have to claim their incentive through the tax system after the solar power system has been installed and the full amount paid.
o Here in Ballarat, we pay around $5k for a 6.6kW solar system while the full price of the systems is around $10k. 

Ballarat solar energy facts

o Rooftop solar is the biggest electricity generator

 Rooftop grid-connected solar systems produce more power than coal stations. It’s interesting that no one has taken charge of this massive solar energy generation. more here

• Watch this video about solar installation. It is a 3kW solar system in Ballarat installed in 2011.

Solar panels installers, Ballarat

o There are a great team of solar installers Ballarat.
o Kylie Slade from "Live Wire" and her girls.

o "Effective Electrical" is also a great team of solar installers and electricians here in Ballarat

• Were you searching for the best solar inverter?

o Here in Australia, the Fronius inverter is considered the best on the solar market. Here in Ballarat, nearly every second solar installation is made with a Fronius inverter. But look at the picture to see what the rest of the world is installing.

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