Grid connect solar Ballarat

Traditional grid connect solar is: Solar panels connected to a grid-tied inverter, the system can produce power only if grid energy is available. The system will shut down if grid power supplies down.


Solar panels installed in 2011

This is 3 kW grid connect solar system was installed in Ballarat in 2011.
In very good conditions and owners still benefit from 60c feed-in tariff 


Popular grid connect solar energy system in Ballarat Victoria

6.6 kw solar system Ballarat

6.6kW of solar panels is the most common solar energy system size installed in Ballarat Victoria. Usually installed with 5kW grid-tied inverter and 20 solar panels 330Watt each.
 Attached solar Ballarat brochure with prices for 6.6kw solar panels system and 8kW off-grid ready and battery ready system


Available solar panels

RE-ENERGY provide a wide range of solar panels choice. Our popular brands are LG solar panels, REC solar panels and Trina solar panels


Solar inverters

Several grid-connect solar inverters are available to install. A popular choice is Fronius, Solis and ABB solar inverters. All inverters available in one or three-phase models


Solar systems installation statistics in Ballarat 

Ballarat including postcodes: 3350,3351,3352,3353,3354,3355,3356,3357.

A total number of the solar system installed from January 2019 to February 2020 is 1,402 installations with total capacity 10,547kW. Which makes average installed system size is 7.5kW. Data from clean energy regulator