15kW Off-grid solar system Sigenergy

The 15kW Sigenergy off-grid solar system ensures continuous power, even if a parallel inverter or battery stack fails. It also supports expansion, allowing for solar panel arrays up to 30kW.

Solar panels: 15kW (any brand available)

Inverter: Sigenergy 15kW(three 5kw)– 10 years warranty

Battery: Sigenergy 39kWH usable capacity  – 10 years warranty

Online monitoring

Recommend generator size 12kVa or bigger

For pricing details and expert advice, please text or call us at 0400092621

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Tailor your off-grid system with preferred equipment

For pricing details and expert advice, please text or call us at 0400092621

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10kW Off grid solar system Sigenergy

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