35kW Off-Grid Solar System

The 35 kW off-grid solar system, named ‘Freedom’, offers an abundance of power, sufficient for an all-electric household. Additionally, during the summer months, it can charge your electric vehicle. This robust system is also well-suited for homes with swimming pools.

The advantage of this configuration is its triple-system setup operating in parallel, which ensures that in the event of a failure in one system, the others will seamlessly continue to provide power supply without interruption

Sigenergy System include

Jinko solar panels 35kW—25/25 years warranty

Sigenergy lithium battery 48kWH usable capacity—10 years warranty

Sigenergy inverter 6kW X 3 = 18kW inverter—10 years warranty

Remote monitoring

Possible Extension:

Batteries easy to add at a later stage

DC charger for Electric vehicle can be integrated into the system

System cost: call or text 0400092621

Recommended generator size: 10kVa or bigger

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Tailor your off-grid system with preferred equipment

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