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Pivotal Elements To Observe On The Hunt of Your Perfect Off-Grid Solar Company

Find out the metrics that help you to navigate through finding the perfect off-grid solar company, including types of accreditation, design, installation and much more!
When selecting the right off-grid solar company for your home or business, the multitude of equipment like panels, inverters, batteries and backup generators are worth your conscious consideration. The journey may seem challenging, but choosing the perfect off-grid solar system involves more than picking quality equipment. It entails finding a company you trust to design, install, and maintain your approach to the highest standards. This trust ensures uninterrupted power, scalability as your needs evolve, and reliable support in case of issues.
Let’s unravel the reliable metrics for seeking quotes for an off-grid solar energy system and navigate this decision-making process more manageable: 

Accreditation by Clean Energy Council
Before proceeding with an off-grid solar system installation, it's significant to verify that the installer holds official accreditation from the Clean Energy Council (CEC). The CEC is the governing body for solar installations in Australia, ensuring that installers undergo proper training, stay updated on regulations, and adhere to industry best practices.
There are two types of CEC accreditation to consider:
CEC Design and Installation Accreditation for Stand-alone Power System (SPS): This accreditation is granted to individuals rather than companies. A person can be accredited in design, installation, or both. To ensure compliance with off-grid solar installations, you'll need signatures from both a designer and installer, whether they are the same person or two different individuals.
Technical Skills in Designing & Building Off-Grid Solar System
Amidst the off-grid solar system market, assuming that any company dealing with solar panels can handle all types of solar setups. However, it's important to recognize the distinction between grid-connected solar systems and off-grid systems.
Even though a company is experienced in installing grid-connected batteries like the Tesla Powerwall, it doesn't necessarily mean they can proficiently design and build a holistic standalone off-grid system.
You must inquire about the design process and grid-connected counterparts as they require a detailed analysis of your property, including the appliances you use and your energy consumption. Furthermore, a deep understanding of various battery technologies is an additional perk.
Technical support comprises other several branches:
After-sale support: Nobody likes delays but a good company guarantees reliable service even after the installation.
System warranties: Warranties against solar panels, batteries, inverters, backup generators, and monitoring systems definitely are cherry on the cake, but ensure checking up on the reviews and ratings to make a smarter choice.
Final Word
The journey to finding your reliable off-grid solar company can be a daunting challenge as it comprises your money, time and energy. However, the above metrics will smooth your venture and be a compass in the off-grid’s world.  

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