Aussie Diesel-Battery Power Solution

The Diesel-Battery Hybrid System (DBHS) is a cracker of a solution for replacing old-school diesel generators with off-grid solar setups or linking up battery banks with diesel-powered systems. Even when there’s no room to chuck in solar panels, it’s still a top idea to whack in a hefty battery system with your generators. This setup doesn’t just save a tonne of fuel; it also gives the old generator a new lease on life.

Typically, diesel generators need to be running flat out at over 80% of their load to be bang-on efficient. But let’s face it, most of the time, they’re just plodding along at 10 to 20% capacity. Not only does this mean they’re not generating much power, but it also means they’re guzzling expensive diesel like there’s no tomorrow.

By throwing a battery system into the mix, you can get the generator to go full tilt just long enough to charge up the batteries—this means running it at nearly full whack, which is right where you want it for peak efficiency. And if you can squeeze in even a few solar panels, you’ll boost the system’s performance massively, saving more diesel and extending the battery’s life even further. It’s a real win-win!