Ballarat Solar Repair and Diagnostic

In Ballarat, our services encompass solar energy diagnostics for all types of systems, off-grid solar systems, grid-connected solar systems, and grid-connected solar systems with batteries. We’ve also noticed a common inquiry regarding issues with grid-connected systems installed around 10 years ago, predominantly 1.5kW, 2kW, and 5kW systems, with 3-4kW systems being quite rare. The most common problem is inverter failure. Typically, the solar panels are functioning well, with no issues related to cables or connections. It is natural for inverters to start failing after 10 years. The cost of replacing a 2kW inverter is around $900, while a 5kW inverter replacement is approximately $1400.

Another common type of inquiry we receive in Ballarat is regarding issues with off-grid solar systems. Many of these systems were installed at a time when lithium batteries were not available, typically older than 6 years. The most common problem is that lead-acid batteries are completely exhausted and have lost capacity, or the solar panel array was not large enough. One easy fix is to add more panels by installing an extra charge controller and additional panels. However, if the battery is completely non-functional, most of the time the entire system requires replacement. The reason is that old systems are 24V, and currently, we do not have any 24V batteries available. Additionally, most of the time it is not worth trying to repair an old system as it is cheaper to fully replace it.

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