In Ballarat, solar panels continue to generate electricity even during rainy weather

Real-Time Off Grid Solar System Monitoring

For off-grid homes in Ballarat, getting through the winter on solar can be a bit of a tough gig. But, if you’ve got your solar system sized just right, you’re only looking at needing a generator to cover about 10% of your energy needs. Now, if you’ve gone all out and your system’s a fair bit bigger than what you need, you might not even need to fire up the generator at all. So, even when the weather’s giving you the cold shoulder, you can still keep things running smoothly with a bit of Aussie know-how.

Just remember, in Ballarat, solar panels always produce power even when it’s raining, although the output may be reduced. So, even on those dreary, wet days, your solar setup is still chipping in to keep the lights on.