Re-Energy Showcases Future of Off-Grid Solar at Smart Living Expo in Buninyong

Re-energy Off-Grid Solar Systems recently featured at the Smart Living Expo in Royal Park, Buninyong on 1101 Warrenheip Street, during the “Back to Buninyong” festivities on February 23, 2024. The expo drew a keen crowd from around the Ballarat region, eager to see the latest innovations in solar technology. We proudly showcased Sigenergy’s newest system, which was well-received for its clever design and impressive capabilities. This robust interest is a clear sign that off-grid living is gaining traction across Australia, with local data from Semrush and Google Trends confirming a surge in searches for off-grid solar solutions. Monthly searches are quite telling: the USA logs 6,600; Indonesia, 5,400; Australia, 1,900; and South Africa, 1,600. With about 7.45 searches per 100,000 Aussies, Australia leads the global charge per capita, underscoring our unique challenges with costly and often impractical rural power connections.