Redback’s solar battery system has gone bankrupt

Hey Ballarat, there’s a bit of a stir in the solar world you might want to know about. Redback, an Aussie brand that’s been in the game with its inverters and battery systems, has found itself in a spot of bother and is now in voluntary administration. While it’s a bump in the road, they’re on the hunt for new investment to steer them in a different direction.

This turn of events isn’t too surprising, though. Competing with the solar giants from China is a daunting task. But here’s a thought: is it really necessary to lock horns with them in the solar field? Australia’s got a lot going for it in other industries that are booming and could use more hands on deck.

So, Ballarat, as we watch what unfolds for Redback, let’s not forget the bigger picture. Our sunny land has plenty more to offer beyond solar panels and batteries. Here’s to exploring all the other opportunities that are out there waiting for us!