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Solar systems for grid connected houses in Ballarat

Range of solar systems and solar batteries 
solar panels
Solar Panels

RE-ENERGY provide a wide range of solar panels choice. Our popular brands are LG solar panels, REC solar panels and Trina solar panels Jinco solar panels 

solar inverters
Solar Inverters

Several grid-connected solar inverters are available to install. Popular choices are the Fronius, Solis and ABB solar inverters. All inverters are available in one or three-phase models.

solar battery
Solar Batteries

Pylontech one of the best performing solar batteries
Australian lithium Ion Battery test centre published a battery test report. This test revealed that Sony and Pylontech are some of the best batteries on the market.

solar panels system
Happy customers

This is a 3kW grid connect solar system that was installed in Ballarat in 2011.
It is in very good condition and the owners still benefit from a 60c feed-in tariff. 

A Guide to Solar Panel System Rebates

Discover how the Solar Homes Program in Victoria can help you slash your electricity bills with solar panel (PV) systems and enjoy an interest-free loan. Learn about eligibility criteria, the application process, and available rebates for homeowners and rental properties.
The Solar Homes Programme in Victoria allows house and property owners to get a significant rebate of up to $1,400 for installing solar panel systems to encourage sustainable energy alternatives. No matter if you are a proprietor of an existing home or even a rental property, you may benefit yourself from the program. The rebates are released monthly, aligning with scheduled rebate release dates, making it easier for you to plan your solar installation journey.
To make the installation even more affordable, eligible Victorians can apply for an interest-free loan equivalent to the rebate amount. As per your financial conditions — you may opt for a four-year plan or even a lump sum payment for repayment.
Understanding Eligibility and Initiating the Application Process
Familiarize yourself with the eligibility criteria of the Solar Homes Program. Once you are confident about meeting the necessary requirements, you can begin your research to find authorized solar retailers who participate in the program and can cater to your energy needs effectively.
You can get a price for supplying and installing a solar panel system by contacting a licensed solar provider. It is essential to know that the components used in your installation must be on the program's list of approved products to get a rebate.
Once you have received your quote, your solar retailer will upload it to the Solar Victoria Portal, initiating the online application process for eligibility assessment. To confirm your eligibility, you will need to provide proof of income and a Council Rates Notice to verify your details. For homes under construction, you can also submit a copy of your Certificate of Title or alternative ownership documents if the Council Rates Notice or Certificate of Title are not available.
Your store will submit a rebate claim on your behalf after verifying your eligibility and deduct the rebate amount from the total price of your system. You'll pay the remaining payment to your retailer immediately after your solar panel system has been installed.
Unleash Savings with Solar PV and Hot Water Rebates
The Solar Homes Program goes the extra mile to support eligible Victorian homeowners by providing an opportunity to conserve even more through the hot water rebate. Both existing and new solar PV clients can now apply for this additional rebate, provided they meet the eligibility criteria.
To make informed decisions about the best solar products for your home, we recommend exploring our Solar Panel PV Buyer's Guide and Hot Water Buyer's Guide. These resources offer valuable information to help you understand the different solar products available.
Take control of your energy bills by reducing your carbon footprint through the Solar Homes Program. By meeting the program's eligibility criteria, you can receive substantial rebates for solar panel (PV) system installations, regardless of whether you own an existing property, have a property under construction, or even own a rental property. The financial burden is further decreased by the availability of an interest-free loan, making this the right time to invest in solar power. You may save money on electricity bills and help create a cleaner environment by participating in the programme — typical homes can save up to $1,073 annually. 

solar panels mount Glasgow vic

Powering Up Ballarat: Go Green with Re-Energy

A company that is committed to minimizing the adverse environmental effects of conventional energy sources is Re-Energy. Its main objective is to offer the people of Ballarat reliable, cost-efficient, and efficient, sustainable energy solutions.
Re-Energy is pleased to have its headquarters in Ballarat, where they collaborate closely with the city's residents, businesses, and communities to encourage using renewable energy sources. Their team of professionals is dedicated to offering top-notch services and goods, and they have a solid track record for providing outstanding assistance and customer care.
Lighting the Way for Ballarat's Future
Like many other cities, Ballarat needs a clean, sustainable energy supply to power its residences and commercial buildings. Using traditional energy sources like coal, oil, and natural gas results in significant greenhouse gas emissions, which fuels climate change. Furthermore, conventional energy sources are limited and will soon run out of resources.

By installing solar panels, Ballarat may produce electricity from the sun, a renewable and practically limitless energy source. It lessens the city's reliance on fossil fuels, lowers its carbon footprint, and aids in the shift to a cleaner, more sustainable energy future. Also, by reducing their electricity bills and yielding a return on investment, installing solar panels can result in long-term savings for households and businesses.

Tailored Renewable Energy Solutions
The business provides its customers with a variety of renewable energy options, such as the installation of solar panels, wind turbines, battery storage systems, and energy management services. We know that every customer has different energy demands and objectives, and we collaborate closely with each client to provide solutions specifically tailored to their needs.
Switch to Solar
Installing solar panel systems for homes and businesses is one of Re-Energy's services. Various solar panel alternatives are available from the company to fit diverse energy needs and price ranges. Our team of specialists can offer consumers advice on the ideal system for your individual needs. Also, we can help acquire rebates and incentives for installing solar panels, lowering the cost of the switch to renewable energy.
Benefits with Customized Renewable Energy in Ballarat
● We provide renewable energy solutions for homes, businesses, and communities in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia.
● The company proposes a range of renewable energy solutions, including battery storage systems, solar panel installations, wind turbines and energy management services.
● The skilled experts work closely with clients to develop customized solutions that meet their energy requirements and goals.
● Re-Energy provides ongoing support and maintenance for its renewable energy systems, ensuring optimal performance.
● The company offers a range of solar panel options to suit different energy needs and budgets. Their specialists can advise customers on the best system for their specific requirements.
● Re-Energy can also assist with obtaining rebates and incentives for solar panel installations, making the transition to renewable energy more affordable.
Power up with Re-Energy
In addition to installation services, Re-Energy provides continuing system maintenance and support to assure customers get the most out of their investment in renewable energy. They are dedicated to offering clients in the Ballarat area high-quality, dependable, and reasonably priced renewable energy solutions.
One-stop-shop for Renewable Energy Solutions in Ballarat
Re-Energy provides various tailored solutions that cater to each customer's distinct energy demands and objectives thanks to a team of professionals that are informed about the most recent renewable energy technologies.
Re-Energy is dedicated to offering ongoing support and maintenance for their renewable energy installations to ensure their customers get the most out of their investment. We have a solid reputation in the market and propose high-quality, affordability, and outstanding customer service, making them a reliable resource for individuals, organizations, and communities wishing to transition to renewable energy.
It is an excellent resource for the Ballarat community overall. Its dedication to quality, customer service, and sustainability make them a reliable partner for individuals, organizations, and communities wishing to switch to renewable energy.

Solar energy Ballarat

Sustainability and minimizing the adverse effects of human activity on the environment have received more attention in recent years. Ballarat has actively been looking for ways to reduce its carbon footprint and go green in response.

One of the most significant steps the city has made toward reaching its sustainability goals is the deployment of solar panels and solar batteries. Since they don't emit any pollutants, solar panels are a great way to produce clean energy. They capture solar energy and transform it into electricity that may be utilized to run buildings and other structures.

Go Solar: Ballarat's One-Stop Solution for Sustainable Energy

Numerous businesses in Ballarat provide solar panel installation services. These firms can place panels on buildings such as residences, offices, and other facilities to generate electricity and lessen their reliance on the grid. Residents and companies may save money because they will be consuming less grid electricity and may even be able to sell any extra energy back to the grid, which helps reduce carbon emissions.

Going Green: Ballarat's Holistic Approach to Sustainability

● Intending to decrease its reliance on greenhouse gas emissions and fossil fuels, Ballarat is implementing renewable energy technology, including solar panels along with wind turbines.
● To reduce its carbon footprint, the city encourages environmentally friendly modes of transportation like biking and public transit.
● Ballarat urges residents to decrease garbage and recycle more efficiently to enhance environmental friendliness.
● Priority is given to sustainable urban development, emphasizing developing neighborhoods accessible by foot and bicycle, protecting open space, and fostering biodiversity.
● Ballarat is pursuing sustainability holistically and understands the value of solving environmental problems at all socioeconomic scales.

Solar Batteries: Powering Sustainability in Ballarat

Installing solar batteries allows for storing extra energy produced by solar panels for later use, thus lowering reliance on grid power. It may minimize energy prices for consumers and companies while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Ballarat is actively pushing the installation of solar panels and batteries through incentive programs, and awareness campaigns since doing so will help the city meet its sustainability goals.

Join the Sustainability Movement: Make Ballarat a Greener Place!

Ballarat locals and companies may advance sustainable practices by establishing eco-friendly routines at home and work, such as reducing waste and employing energy-efficient appliances. Reliance on non-renewable energy sources can be reduced using renewable energy options like solar or wind power.

Supporting environmental friendliness initiatives like tree planting, bike sharing, and public transit can help. Another effective strategy is to promote sustainability laws and more funding for studying and developing renewable energy sources. Residents and companies in Ballarat may actively contribute to a sustainable future by doing these things.


Ballarat's adoption of solar energy is an excellent illustration of how localities may cooperate to create a more sustainable future. Ballarat is moving toward a cleaner, healthier, and more ecologically friendly lot by lowering its dependency on fossil fuels and producing clean energy.

This strategy acknowledges that all spheres of society, including individuals, corporations, and local government, must work together to achieve a sustainable future. Ballarat's dedication to sustainability is an encouraging example of how groups can cooperate to build a better future for themselves and the earth. 

3kW solar system in Ballarat installed in 2011.

The 6.6 kW solar energy system is a popular size in Ballarat
o This 6.6 kW solar energy system is the most popular size because it supports the utilities required by many people. The power export limit to the grid is usually 5kW which is related to the size of solar inverter. A 5kW inverter can have a 33% oversized solar panels array which result in 5kW*1.33=6.65kW. The most conventional solar panels size is 330W, and 20 solar panels exactly make 6.6kW.

Grid connected solar systems, Ballarat
Traditional grid connected solar systems consist of solar panels connected to a grid-tied inverter. These systems can only produce power if grid energy is available. The system will shut down if grid power supplies are down.

Re-energy Solar Ballarat

More and more people understand how crucial it is to discover ways to lessen their environmental footprint as our world struggles to cope with the effects of climate change. One efficient approach is switching from current energy sources to clean, sustainable alternatives.

You may dramatically minimize your carbon footprint and lower your energy bills by installing solar power system. Re-energy’s solar Ballarat team is committed to providing top-notch services and support to ensure a seamless transition to sustainable energy.

Making a wiser investment in a cleaner, more sustainable future for you and future generations can be made by switching to solar electricity. Re-energy is happy to provide solar power solutions because everyone can contribute to making the world a better place.

Pioneer of Solar in Ballarat

Re-energy has a history of successful installations and has been a solar panel industry pioneer in Ballarat for more than ten years. At Creswick, Hepburn Shire, Victoria, we erected and are still using our first 1kW solar energy system.

Budget, size restrictions, and the area's temperature are all critical considerations when looking for the best solar panels in Ballarat. At Re-energy, we value quality highly and continuously offer the best services.

We concentrate on aspects like price, warranties, and panel efficiency because most customers want solar panels that can produce as much electricity as possible at an affordable price. Our Ballarat solar systems are built to last and have a manufacturer's warranty because we realize how challenging the Australian climate can be on solar panels.

Reasons to Opt for Solar Ballarat

Re-Energy, a company established in Ballarat, provides solar power solutions for residents of Ballarat and the neighboring areas, including Stawell, Geelong, and Melton, among others. We specialize in photovoltaic solar power systems that are grid-connected, but can also meet the needs of people who live in remote locations and are searching for off-grid and hybrid solutions.

You are in fact at the right place if you're looking for solutions to assist you capture solar energy, lessen your carbon impact, and ease the strain on your wallet.

● Efficient Solar Panels

Solar panel effectiveness is crucial. It calculates how much sunshine solar panels absorb and turns into power. Higher efficiency solar panel Ballarat produces more free electricity per square meter of roof area. With the rise of battery storage, electric vehicles, and all-electric homes, it makes financial sense to optimize the power-generating potential of your rooftop by investing in the most efficient solar panels you can find.

High-efficiency panels are, of course, more expensive. Determine the variation in power production over 25 years. The increased power might justify the higher expense.

● Temperature Coefficient

Consider each panel selection's temperature coefficient if you reside in a region that suffers intense heat, such as northern and central Australia. The temperature coefficient shows how much a panel's output is diminished as the temperature varies from within the ideal range to above or below it.

● Cost vs the Value

The most excellent solar panels benefit people if their superior quality justifies their higher price. Even while money is a considerable concern, getting Re-energy’s high-quality panels won't disappoint you.

Does installing a solar battery in Ballarat make sense?

Solar battery Ballarat costs are still relatively high. Re-energy offers a robust warranty and is prepared to provide help as needed related to Ballarat solar installation.

● Power Reserves

Typical household solar panels Ballarat have an hourly output of between 370 and 470 watts. The panel system's overall output should meet your home's power needs. It will also depend on the climate and the daylight in the accessible roof area.

● Enjoy the Best Future

Renewable energy is, without a doubt, the way of the future. The switch to a solar power system is a dependable measure you can take right away to improve the condition of our planet and ensure that future generations have a more prosperous future.


Re-energy checks all the boxes for durability and has passed endurance testing multiple times on the international standard, which makes it an appropriate solution in Australia's tough conditions. Its novel half-cell technology and great power efficiency provide more energy per square meter.

You may then modify your behaviors to maximize your solar energy output and utility savings with intelligent consumption monitoring. 

re-energy off-grid solar Ballarat