Solar batteries Ballarat

Nestled in the heart of Ballarat, we’re proud to bring you an array of solar solutions, including batteries for your existing solar setup and all-in-one solar systems that come complete with panels and batteries. Our designs are all about giving you the freedom to break away from the grid, with scalable options that can transform your abode into a self-sustaining haven, relying on the grid only in the rarest of instances.

Our phone lines are buzzing with Ballarat locals eager to slash their power bills. They’re often disheartened by the meager feed-in tariffs, sometimes as low as 5 cents per kWh, which hardly make a dent in the benefits they reap from their solar systems.

There’s a common hope among homeowners that hooking up a battery to their grid-tied solar systems will be the silver bullet for their savings. But here’s the rub: many folks don’t realize that their solar setups just don’t have the muscle to charge those batteries efficiently. We’re talking about older systems sporting a mere 3-4kW of solar panels, while daily household energy guzzling can soar over 20kWh. The math doesn’t add up, leaving only a trickle of power to store away in those batteries.

If you’re aiming for a battery that pulls its weight, you’ll need at least a 6kW solar panel system for homes that chomp through less than 20kWh a day. The sweet spot for battery size is around 7-8kWh, which really kicks things into gear. The dream setup? Try 10kW of solar panels up top, paired with a beefy 10kWh (or bigger) battery.

Now, let’s talk turkey: what’s the damage for adding a solar battery? Brace yourself—starting prices hover around the $10,000 mark. And it’s not just about plugging in a battery; you’ll need to swap out your old inverter for a shiny new hybrid model. And if you’re itching to run your whole house on battery power, you better believe you’ll need a hefty inverter.

Here’s a curveball: some folks are itching to juice up their electric cars with their solar battery systems. To make that dream a reality for an average home that uses up to 20kWh a day, you’ll need a solar array that’s packing a 20kW punch and a battery bank that’s brimming with 50kWh. This setup could set you back a cool $40,000 to $50,000, but it’ll cut the cord from the grid and keep your car humming. Just a heads-up, though: Ballarat winters can be a doozy, so don’t be shy about leaning on the grid when the mercury takes a dive.

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