The Ideal 10kW Off-Grid Solar System for Ballarat Homes

In the heart of Victoria, Ballarat homes have found their sweet spot with a 10kW off-grid solar system. Here’s the lowdown: the average Aussie household chews through about 16-20kWh of power each day. But when winter rolls around in Ballarat, those solar panels need to work a bit harder. With each kW pumping out roughly 2kWh of juice daily, the math is simple – 20 divided by 2 equals a 10kW system.

But there’s more to the story. The government’s rebates are a real kicker, encouraging you to slap on even more panels for extra savings. And when it comes to inverters, 10kW hits the sweet spot, especially since Ballarat’s power grid lets you draw up to 40A, which is bang on 10kW.

Don’t forget the battery bank. While 10kWh is the bare minimum, it’s got your back for half a day’s power needs. So, if you’re living off the grid in Ballarat, a 10kW solar setup is your ticket to energy independence.

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